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About Us

Welcome to Ceres Rail Company!

We provide timeless, one-of-a-kind railway experiences for everyone. Families, Reunions, Capetonians, Non-Capetonians, and international visitors to our shores; all find their place with us.

Although situated in a an already beautiful country, the overpowering allure of the country draws one in when sitting in this steam-hauled train as you overlook the ever-changing scenery.

Trains have a certain inextricable mystique about them – no wonder they’re often the setting for romantic rendezvous, murder mysteries and elaborate heists. Perhaps it’s the unstoppable forward momentum; the intimacy of the enclosed space or the sense of adventure and anticipation they evoke.

Our guests spend their time on the train doing what they enjoy best, whether mingling in the bar, reading a book, taking in the sights, catching up with family, or closing their eyes to enjoy the soothing sounds of the rail.

Most of our coaches are around 70 years old. They are all lovingly maintained by an enthusiastic crew, who keep them looking as good as new for your comfort. We have various coaches each with their own unique seating experience.

We have two Class 19D locomotives #3321 and 3322, (these were manufactured in 1948 in the UK and 235 were placed in service between 1937 and 1949 in South Africa), a Class 19B locomotive #1412, and the very famous, one of a kind South African refurbished in (1981) Class 26, fondly known as the Red Devil. We are also fortunate to have a privately owned Class 24 at our disposal.

If you require any further information, please contact or 079 401 9353.

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For any bookings or general enquiries please contact us during office hours on:
079 401 9353

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Monday to Friday, 09h00 – 15h00

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